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EDF Renewables Deutschland

Battery storage in Hunderdorf

Tanne Kunststofftechnik relies
on modern energy systems

The office buildings of the plastic company Tanne are already heated with heat waste from production, and PV systems generate green electricity on the roofs of the site. With the installation of the battery storage system from EDF Renewables, the supplier for the automotive and electrical industries is now taking another step towards energy efficiency and making its contribution to the energy transition.

The battery installed at Tanne with 28 battery modules can not only supply the company with a power of 150 kW for at least one hour, but thanks to efficient energy management, it can also reduce peak loads during the high-load time windows defined by the grid operator and thus lower grid fees - which account for about 20 percent of electricity costs. Outside of the high-load time windows, the storage system can be used for primary control power.

Services by EDF Renewables Deutschland

  • Analysis of load and location including battery sizing
  • Financing: Coverage of all investments
  • Coverage of necessary application procedures (building permit and grid connection)
  • Installation: Battery procurement, connection and commissioning
  • Regular preventive maintenance and battery control.

Interview with Martin Tanne

Mr. Tanne, your company, Tanne Kunststofftechnik GmbH, is an established family business with a strong culture of innovation. What motivates you personally, and how do you define the role of your company and your long-term vision?

As an entrepreneur, I observe the market, constantly need to reposition myself, develop new ideas, and act innovatively. I try to lead my company at the cutting edge of the times and make it competitive. In my opinion, renewable energies and, in particular, battery storage systems are an integral part of a modern business concept.

After hearing the presentation by EDF Renewables Deutschland at an energy efficiency conference, I immediately knew: this is the right step for us. I was particularly convinced by the investment-free model. When I say something convinces me, I consistently implement it.

How important is sustainability for your company, especially with regard to energy consumption and environmental impact?

Sustainability is of fundamental importance to us. We attach great importance to energy saving and a resource-saving use of raw materials. My personal experiences, shaped by events such as the oil crisis and car-free Sundays in the 1970s, have shaped my conviction for sustainable business practices. For me, it is self-evident that these principles must also be guidelines for our entrepreneurial actions.

What prompted you to consider new energy systems? What challenges, perhaps even problems, did your company face that led you to consider a battery storage system?

Energy costs are a constant issue for us. We have always struggled with peak loads that caused significant financial burdens. With employee training, we were able to take some countermeasures to reduce peak loads on Monday mornings, for example, but it remained a persistent problem. In addition, weather-related power outages not only affected our productivity but also led to costly peak loads when restarting our machines. Complete peak load reduction was an unsolvable problem for us until now.

Were there any challenges in implementing the battery storage system into your business operations? If so, what were they and how were they overcome?

Our energy supplier had no experience in this area, which led to initial difficulties. However, effective communication between all parties involved quickly overcame the initial obstacles. Although the process was not completely smooth and there were technical problems and delays, the implementation process was made significantly easier and more relaxed for me by EDF Renewables Deutschland's investment-free model. Bureaucratic processes were also completely taken over by the service provider. Once the process gained momentum, it was a lot of fun. Ultimately, we were able to commission the battery storage system in time for Christmas and avoid the usual peaks at the beginning of the year, saving us a lot of money.

What kind of savings or efficiency improvements do you expect from using the battery storage system?

By reducing peak loads, we expect annual savings of around €24,000. In addition, the battery storage system allows us to use our machines more flexibly without having to worry about timing, which will lead to improved productivity in the long term. We also feel better prepared for possible power outages.

Do you plan to make further investments in renewable energy or energy-efficient technologies in the near future?

I have already reserved an area for photovoltaic systems and am waiting for favorable political and economic conditions to implement this project soon.

What would you recommend to comparable companies?

As of today, I would recommend an intelligent battery storage system to any comparable company without hesitation.

What aspects did you particularly appreciate in working with EDF Renewables Deutschland?

We felt excellently supported throughout the entire process. Communication with all parties involved was not only pleasant but also extremely effective. We particularly appreciated the joint willingness to overcome challenges and find solutions. Overall, it was a lot of fun.

Finally, our energy supplier said: "These are the building blocks needed to create the energy transition. I would like to see every company have such a battery storage system."

  • Dipl. Ing. Martin Tanne

    Managing Director of Tanne Kunststofftechnik GmbH

    With the installation of the battery storage system from EDF Renewables, we want to take another step towards energy efficiency and make our contribution to the energy transition.’

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Rebekka Schuster
Chief Commercial Officer Storage

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