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EDF Renewables Deutschland

For C&I Customers

A PV system always pays off

A PV system is always a good idea for companies and industrial businesses, as the electricity they produce and use themselves is always cheaper than purchasing electricity externally. There are virtually no more levies on in-house consumption downstream of the grid connection point, and companies also protect themselves against rising energy procurement costs.

With a PV system from EDF Renewables Deutschland, you are on the safe side: we cover all financing and operating costs, while you simply provide us with one or more suitable areas on your company premises for the installation of the system.

Cut your electricity costs in half

The average cost of electricity for industrial companies is currently just under 25 cents/kWh (excluding electricity tax). With a PV system from EDF Renewables Deutschland, we guarantee you a long-term electricity price of around 12 cents/kWh only via a so-called PPA (Power Purchase Agreement).

In addition to grid fees, almost all statutory taxes, levies and surcharges are deducted from the electricity you generate and consume on site. That's why we say: It couldn't be simpler or cheaper.

What is a PPA?

PPA stands for Power Purchase Agreement and is simply an electricity supply contract that directly links us as a producer of renewable energy to you as an energy consumer.

We offer you a PPA solution with a 20-year-contract. You can then either buy the plant or extend the contract further for an additional 5 to 10 years.

Full service for the entire project

Depending on the conditions on site and your individual situation, we will find the right offer for you. We design and dimension suitable system locations and/or capacities for you, in combination with a battery storage system or as a stand-alone system.

It couldn't be easier

  • No investment for you
  • Low personnel and time expenditure for you
  • Flexible contract with secure savings
  • Secure and low-cost electricity supply in the long term
  • Individually customized to the respective location
  • Full service

Do you have any questions?

Rebekka Schuster
Chief Commercial Officer Storage
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