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EDF Renewables Deutschland

Aluminium rolling company Speira

Cost reduction and sustainability through intelligent battery storage system

Since November 2021, EDF Renewables has been operating an intelligent battery storage system at the aluminum rolling and recycling company Speira GmbH in Hamburg. Since then, the storage system has been delivering 1.6 MW of power for one hour without interruption - enough power to support the grid operator in stabilizing the power grid through intelligent load management without affecting the company's production processes. The battery allows Speira to benefit from atypical grid usage by reducing peak loads during the grid operator's high-load time windows and thus lowering the company's energy costs.

As a full-service provider, EDF Renewables takes care of everything from load and site analysis to installation, operation, and maintenance, as well as financing and recycling of the battery storage system. This eliminates all investment costs and risks for Speira.

Services by EDF Renewables Deutschland

  • Analysis of load and location including battery sizing
  • Financing: Coverage of all investments
  • Coverage of necessary application procedures (building permit and grid connection)
  • Installation: Battery procurement, connection and commissioning
  • Regular preventive maintenance and battery control.

Technical details

  • 1.6 MW power
  • 1.6 MWh capacity
  • Lithium nickel manganese cobalt oxides (NMC)
  • 272 modules, 16 racks
  • 20-foot container
  • Connection to the high-voltage grid
  • Potential cost savings per year: more than 100,000 Euro
  • Jan Peterlic

    Plant manager at Speira Hamburg

    As an industrial company with a high energy demand, we must ensure a stable power supply for our operations. The battery storage solution from EDF Renewables is an essential component for this.’

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Rebekka Schuster
Chief Commercial Officer Storage

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