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Electricity grid fees
shoot up in 2024

With battery storage systems from EDF Renewables, you can save without risk and without investment.

Battery storage reduces grid costs

Particularly for industrial companies with high energy consumption, soaring grid fees mean enormous additional costs, as they account for an average of 20 percent of total electricity costs.

EDF Renewables supports you in reducing grid charges with a unique offer. With battery storage, you benefit from net savings from the first year, without any investment, with low personnel and time expenditure, a flexible, individually tailored contract and complete service.

If your sites consume more than 1 GWh of electricity, simply contact us. We will calculate your savings potential!

It couldn't be easier

  • No investment for you
  • Low personnel and time expenditure for you
  • Flexible contract with secure savings
  • Net savings from year 1
  • Individually customized to the respective location
  • Full service

Calculate your potential savings

The specific savings potential through the use of a battery storage solution depends on various factors and can be determined based on the individual load profile. If your sites consume more than 1 GWh, let us check your savings potential!

Simply submit your contact details using the form below and we will get back to you!

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Comprehensive service package
from A-Z

From load and location analysis to installation, operation and maintenance, EDF Renewables Storage Germany also takes care of the financing and recycling of the batteries. This eliminates all investment costs and risks for companies.

Peak shaving with battery storage

The most common use case for battery storage is to cap the highest load peaks during the year (peak shaving). In this case, the electricity stored in the battery is used to reduce consumption peaks, thus relieving the load on the local grid. Grid operators reward this by lowering the grid fees.

Peak shaving in high-load time windows

In atypical applications, our battery storage system is used specifically to avoid peak loads and relieve the load on the electricity grid during high-load time windows specified by the grid operator. For optimal implementation from an economic point of view, factors such as load profile and the level of grid charges determine the operating strategy of the battery storage system.

Do you have any questions?

Rebekka Schuster
Head of Sales
EDF Renewables Deutschland


  • Speira Hamburg

    The battery storage system at aluminum rolling and recycling company Speira GmbH has been in operation since 2021. 
    The battery is designed to supply the production plant with 1.6 MW for at least one hour.

  • Malteurop Rostock und Heidenau

    In 2019, EDF Renewables Deutschland and malt producer Malteurop put two battery storage systems into operation. Each battery is designed to supply the respective production plant with 200 kW for at least one hour.

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