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EDF Renewables successful in German offshore wind tender

On September 9, 2021, the Bundesnetzagentur has announced the results of the first offshore wind tender for pre-investigated sites under the so called “central model”.

EDF Renewables is very pleased to have received the award for the 433 MW site N-3.8 in the German North Sea after having submitted a zero bid on September 1, 2021. Since a competitor holds a step-in right for this site, the award will not be final until the beginning of November 2021.

EDF Renewables is a leading company in the renewable energy sector worldwide. The company develops, builds and operates renewable energy power plants in more than 20 countries – with a strong focus on onshore wind, offshore wind and solar energy.

EDF Renewables is a key player in offshore wind

In Europe, EDF Renewables is currently engaged in offshore projects in France, Belgium, Germany Ireland and also the United Kingdom. At the same time, the company is working on leveraging its extensive expertise and experience in other growing markets like China and the United States – and committed to drive industry innovations like floating offshore wind energy.

“Based on our existing presence in the German onshore wind market, we now aim to expand our local project portfolio by entering the offshore wind energy and photovoltaics markets. Following our recent achievements in the French offshore market, having received the award for N-3.8 on a zero bid in Germany underscores our know-how and competitiveness in this very challenging market,” says Jean-Marc Bazenet, CEO EDF Renewables Germany.

The press release of the Bundesnetzagentur regarding the results of the 2021 offshore wind tender is available at: Bekanntgabe der Zuschläge (

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