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Case study depicting the installation of a Battery-as-a-Service solution at Anheuser-Busch InBev’s Beck & Co. brewery in Bremen

Breweries require a substantial and constant supply of electricity, creating consumption peaks at busy times that put the grid under tension. Consumption peaks strain the electricity transmission and distribution grids. Energy storage optimises load profiles and decreases those peaks. They also lay the groundwork for the shift to renewables by providing flexibility and compensating for fluctuating yields from renewable energy sources.

On top, kilowatt-hours consumed at peak times cost significantly more in Germany, representing an important portion of  AB InBev’s electricity expenses in this country. To shave off consumption peaks and effectively tackle related inefficiencies and costs, EDF Renewables Deutschland has provided an intelligent 1.9 MWh battery storage system with an as-a-service offer, comprising the installation, maintenance and operation of the equipment.

Discover the case study brought to you by the EaaS Initiative, led by BASE Foundation and part of the SET Alliance, to discover how the solution effectively reduces grid reliance at peak time, slashing the brewery energy costs without any hassle:

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Watch the video (YouTube)

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