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Cost reduction and sustainability for industrial companies using battery storage systems exemplified by the aluminium rolling company Speira GmbH

At E-world 2023, the three companies Speira GmbH, EDF Renewables and Energy2market GmbH presented a pioneering solution for marketing flexibility in the industrial environment.

Since November 2021, EDF Renewables has been operating an intelligent battery storage system as a full-service provider at the Speira aluminium rolling and recycling plant in Hamburg – and after around 1.5 years can draw a thoroughly positive conclusion. Since then, 272 battery modules have been delivering 1.6 MW of power for one hour without any disruptions: enough power to support the grid operator in stabilising the power grid with the help of intelligent load management – without affecting the company's production processes. As planned, the battery has enabled Speira to benefit from atypical grid usage by reducing peak loads during the grid operator's high-load time windows (peak shaving), thereby lowering the company's energy costs.

In this three-way constellation, e2m, Energy to Market, is responsible for marketing flexibility on the balancing energy markets and secured technical and regulatory access to the balancing energy market – in this case, primary balancing power.

EDF Renewables manages everything from load and site analysis to installation, operation and maintenance, as well as the financing and recycling of the Speira batteries. This eliminates all investment costs and risks for companies like Speira who opt for a battery storage system.

Grid charges account for an average of 20 % of total electricity costs. This share can be reduced through load shifting or peak load capping – because grid operators incentivise companies who actively contribute to grid stability with reduced fees.

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