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Smart battery storage from EDF Renewables plays key role in energy transition and reduce electricity costs for industrial and commercial customers like Malteurop

A win-win relationship: climate protection programme and battery storage systems

Berlin, 25.05.2021 The 2030 Agenda, which has also been adopted by the German government, sets itself the goal of covering a total of 65 percent of gross national electricity consumption in Germany by renewable energies in 2030. This goal faces numerous challenges: Electricity generation and consumption are regionally unevenly distributed, electricity consumption will grow and the generated from photovoltaics and wind power fluctuate depending on the weather.

Intelligent energy storage systems are the solution, because they contribute significantly to the stabilisation of the grids - i.e. security of supply - as well as to decentralisation and ultimately ensure that the energy transition remains affordable:

  • They can be used locally or regionally and thus reduce the costs of electricity transport - i.e. the need for the cost-intensive expansion of national electricity grids.
  • They reduce peak loads (peak shaving) and thus provide relief for the local grid.
  • They compensate for fluctuations in generation from renewable energy sources by temporarily storing electricity produced in excess of demand.

Proven savings for Malteurop through battery storage systems

In December 2019, EDF Renewables and malt producer Malteurop commissioned two battery storage systems located in Rostock and Heidenau. Each battery is designed to supply 200 kW to the respective production plant for at least one hour.

"One and a half years later, it is evident that this initiative was successful and we were actually able to generate peak-shaving savings thanks to the storage solutions. Our initial expectations were more than fulfilled," says Stéphane Tadyszak, Director of Operations at Malteurop.

The fact that storage solutions help to stabilise the entire grid and thus ensure a reliable power supply for all consumers was an equally strong motivation for Malteurop in addition to the cost savings - and reinforces the malt producer's commitment to proactively driving the realisation of the German energy transition.

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