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EDF Renewables Deutschland

Suitable premises

Conversion sites and pre-developed projects wanted

The land may be so-called conversion land, i.e. land previously used for economic, transport, housing or military purposes. It can also be sealed and / or run along motorways or railways.

In addition to land for ground-mounted PV sites, we are also interested in pre-developed projects or project pipelines. For these, the following applies: they should be in an early stage of development so that we can continue and complete the further advancement. In addition, we are interested in existing plants with repowering potential.

The following areas are suitable:

  • Largely unshaded / good sun exposure
  • Available for at least 20 years
  • At least 10 hectares or part of a corresponding area (combination of individual / partial areas possible)
  • Low soil score (below 50 soil points)
  • Grid connection possibilities / high-voltage lines less than 10 km away

Your contact

Jose Henkle
Head of PV
EDF Renewables Deutschland
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