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EDF Renewables Deutschland

What is the difference between the EDF Renewables offer and other suppliers?

EDF Renewables has developed a solution that allows you to deploy a battery storage system without any economic risk. Unlike the vast majority of suppliers, we take care of the entire project, even if you have to make changes. And most importantly, the very complex grid connection approval process is also part of our offer.

Since we are the operator of the battery storage system and finance it with a share of the savings, you can be sure that we will optimize the use of the battery at any time. For your benefit and for ours.

In addition, we are flexible in our contractual arrangements, which means that we can also adapt to your contractual needs. In addition to the "Comfort" offer, more traditional financing models or even the sale of the battery storage system are also possible. Due to our specialization in battery storage for industry and trade, we know your needs perfectly and can offer you a very efficient service.

In addition to our experience in Germany, EDF Renewables Storage Germany benefits from the international know-how of the parent company, which enables us to implement successful models from abroad in Germany at any time.

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