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How does EDF Renewables analyze my load profile?

Expert interview and aptitude test

Through a conversation with our experts, initial information is collected on the consumption behaviour of the site and an initial assessment is made of the suitability for the use of a battery storage system.

Detailed analyses of your load profil

Next, we analyse as much load profile data as possible, that you provide us. The basis for this, is the quarter-hourly values for power consumption from the electricity grid, which should be available for at least one complete calendar year representing your usual electricity consumption. In this analysis, we determine the battery outputs and capacities that are necessary to reduce your highest load peaks and examine the economic viability of such a battery storage system. Should an economically profitable battery application be possible, you will receive an initial non-binding offer from us together with the analysis result.

Planning, dimensioning and quotation

For a detailed planning and dimensioning of the installation, we will then visit your location. In doing so, we determine the total costs to be expected for the storage installation and integration. Based on the data from the site visit, we will then prepare a binding offer.

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Sebastian Adam
Sales Manager
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