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EDF Renewables launches an innovative storage solution for businesses in Germany

EDF Rene­wa­bles has just laun­ched a bat­tery sto­rage sys­tems in two Malt­eu­rop malt fac­to­ries in Ger­ma­ny: one in Ros­tock and the other in Hei­den­au. The­se new sys­tems con­sist of lithi­um-ion bat­te­ries, con­nec­ted to a smart, auto­no­mous power manage­ment system.

The solu­ti­on desi­gned by EDF Rene­wa­bles can pro­vi­de each fac­to­ry with 200 kW of auto­no­mous power for at least one hour when the power grid is under hea­vy load. By smoot­hing demand at its sites of high elec­tri­ci­ty use, Malt­eu­rop redu­ces its grid access cos­ts, which in Ger­ma­ny are based on the maxi­mum power requi­red, whilst also con­tri­bu­ting to grea­ter sta­bi­li­ty in the natio­nal power grid.

The solu­ti­ons offe­red by EDF Rene­wa­bles to Ger­man C&I cli­ents include; first­ly ana­ly­sis, con­sul­tancy, pro­ject sca­ling, instal­la­ti­on and grid con­nec­tion; second­ly ope­ra­ti­ons and main­ten­an­ce of equip­ment; and final­ly opti­mi­sa­ti­on through bat­tery management.

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