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EDF Renewables launches an innovative storage solution for businesses in Germany

EDF Renewables has just launched a battery storage systems in two Malteurop malt factories in Germany: one in Rostock and the other in Heidenau. These new systems consist of lithium-ion batteries, connected to a smart, autonomous power management system.

The solution designed by EDF Renewables can provide each factory with 200 kW of autonomous power for at least one hour when the power grid is under heavy load. By smoothing demand at its sites of high electricity use, Malteurop reduces its grid access costs, which in Germany are based on the maximum power required, whilst also contributing to greater stability in the national power grid.

The solutions offered by EDF Renewables to German C&I clients include; firstly analysis, consultancy, project scaling, installation and grid connection; secondly operations and maintenance of equipment; and finally optimisation through battery management.

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