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Wind projects

and Operation

EDF Renew­ables is a pion­eer of onshore and off­shore wind energy in Ger­many and one of the most import­ant play­ers in renew­able energy world­wide. Our expert­ise lies in pro­ject devel­op­ment, plan­ning, con­struc­tion as well as repower­ing and oper­a­tion of wind farms in Ger­many. Our devel­op­ment team is highly qual­i­fied, glob­ally net­worked and has flex­ible fin­an­cing options.If you have a free site or are think­ing about real­ising a wind energy pro­ject, please con­tact us. We will be happy to sup­port you with our expert­ise and inter­na­tion­al experience!

Our ser­vice in Germany

We stand for demon­strably sol­id engin­eer­ing ser­vices, nego­ti­at­ing skills and com­pet­ence in the selec­tion of wind tur­bines, pro­ject man­age­ment and pro­ject execution.

Your contact

Jan Voß - CEO EDF EN Deutschland GmbH
Jan Voß
Managing Director
EDF EN Deutschland GmbH

Plan­ning and development

  • Site selec­tion and site planning
  • Approv­al procedure
  • Con­tract negotiations


  • Logist­ics and pro­ject management
  • Equip­ment procurement
  • Engin­eer­ing service