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Energy storage solutions

What is peak shaving?

Grid connection fees account for more than 25% of the total electricity bill for industrial sites in Germany. We help your company to save grid connection costs by peak shaving!

At commercial and industrial sites, a remote counter measures the average power consumption every 15 minutes. The highest value: the yearly load peak is the basis for the company's grid connection fee. Peak shaving reduces yearly grid connection fees and lightens the load on the network.

How does peak shaving work?

EDF Renewables has developed a dedicated algorithm-controlled energy management system to shave peak loads. The energy storage system predicts load peaks at the industrial site, and charges and discharges a battery accordingly. EDF Renewables takes over the whole process to provide you with a powerful energy storage solution with peak shaving service to save grid costs.

Peak demand shaving to reduce grid costs

Global site savings depend on many parameters. They can range from 5 to 80%. To know the savings potential of your site, please contact us.

Increasing energy costs in Germany

Industrial consumers pay the grid fees directly to the distribution system operators (DSO), who publish the tariffs each year. TSO and DSO investment costs are allocated to the consumers through network charges.

Increasing network costs in Germany
Source: BMWi, Federal Ministry for Economic Affairs and Energy, November 2017

EDF Renewables offers on-site energy storage solutions with peak shaving service that reduce high demand charges of your industrial site.

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