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Energy storage solutions

EDF Renewables’ storage references

EDF’s storage plan: 10GW of additional storage around the world by 2035


Project « Toucan »Toucan Solar energy storage
French Guyana (South America)
Battery technology : Na/NiCl2 ; 1,5MW/4,5MWh
COD date : 2014

Due to the highly changeable climate conditions in Guyane, PV production is extremely intermittent. Toucan has allowed smoothing short but extreme peaks between sun and rain periods throughout the day. The project is also used to shift energy production during the day to meet evening peak demand.


Project « Mc Henry »
Illinois (USA)
Battery technology : Li-ION 20MW/8,5MWh
COD date : 2015

McHenry was built to provide enhanced frequency response on the transmission grid. This responds to a need of PJM, a regional transmission organisation that coordinates the movement of wholesale electricity in all or parts of 13 States in the Disctrict of Columbia, US.


West Burton Energy Storage

Project « West Burton »
Nottinghamshire (UK)
Battery technology : Li-ION ; 49MW/35 MWh
COD date : 2018

The project was one of the winners of the first UK National Grid Call for provision of Enhanced Frequency Response. EDF Renewables was the first winner of this call, proposing the best economic and technical solution. Starting commercial operation in 2018, it is the largest operational battery in Europe.

More references:

Project « Venteea », Vendeuvre sur Barse (France)

Project « Nice Grid », Nice (France)

Project « Concept Grid », Les Renardières (France)

Project « île de Sein », Ile de Sein (France)

Project « île d’Ouessant », Ile d’Ouessant (France)

Project « Pegase », Sainte Rose  (Réunion)

EDF’s storage plan

In a changing energy landscape, EDF is ramping up its efforts to develop electricity storage solutions and become the European leader in this field. Storage has a critical role to play in the energy transition, alongside energy efficiency, nuclear and renewables. A pioneer in this area, the Group is already involved in the main storage technology applications, including batteries and Pumped-Storage Hydroelectricity.

Becoming the European leader in storage solutions

EDF group operates more than 5 GW of electricity storage in the world and has built and operates battery storage solutions in UK, USA and French Guyana. EDF’s goal is to develop 10GW of additional storage around the world by 2035, on top of the 5GW already operated by the Group. This acceleration represents an investment of €8 billion during the 2018-2035 period.

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