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FAQ Energy storage solutions and peak shaving service


1. What can a battery system do for your site? 

With our battery storage system you can reduce high annual electricity costs, due to some load peaks. Peak shaving can allow you to optimize the operating costs of your site. Thanks to the Battery Energy Storage System (BESS) you can consumes energy, without overloading the network.


2. How does peak-shaving work?

Electricity bills are increasing and a large part of the charges cannot be addressed with energy efficiency. For the calculation of annual grid costs, a remote counter is used to measure the average value in a 15-minute period. The highest cumulative average value resulting from so-called peak loads is the basis for companies’ grid connection fee.

Cutting off peak loads, i.e. short-term high loads, reduces the average values. Our algorithm-controlled energy management system (EMS) makes it possible to shift high loads to a battery storage system. This can help you to save up to 80% of the grid connection fee.

3. What about the StromNEV. §19?

Grid connection fees represent around 25% of the total electricity bill for industrial locations. Due to planned investments of the German electricity networks, grid fees could double in 2025. The StromNEV. §19 allows companies to reduce the grid connection fee under specific conditions. Our battery storage system can provide the service for those three saving possibilities, so called generic, electro-intensive and atypical use case

  1. Reduction of the highest 15-minute demand peaks/year
  2. Increase of the period of use to over 7000h /year for sites consuming more than 10 GWh/year
  3. Reduction of the site’s highest load demand during system peak load periods (Hochlastzeitfenster)

It depends on your load profile which of these usage options is optimal for your location. Ready to evaluate your savings potential? Please contact us

Rebekka Schuster
Sales Manager
Tel .: +49 (0)172 1300 209


4. Which industries can use our system?

Every industry is suitable for a battery system. The site should consume more than 5GWh of energy per year.


5. Why choose the EDF Renewables battery system?

A battery that is optimally sized and adapted to a site’s production methods can generate significant savings in network costs for a C&I site.EDF Renewables’ solution has unprecedented advantages:

  • You have no initial investment! Batteries are very expensive (average : 100k€/100kw) and EDF Renewables will take over the investment
  • An algorithm specifically developed by EDF Renewables and adapted to the needs of each customer with a real time update
  • Attractive remuneration system for sharing network cost savings
  • System adaptable in size and operation in the event of a change in the customer’s production methods
  • Competent teams with a strong industrial history in Germany: O&M from Reetec
  • Participation in the FCR market and thus in the integration of renewable energies into the German electricity system


6. What does the EDF Renewables service consist of

EDF EN takes in charge

  • Dimensioning and construction of the BESS
  • Cooperation in the organization of all permits
  • Remote control and management of the EMS  with great transparency on the operation of the battery at any time
  • O&M and possible change of modules
  • Deconstruction and transport of the BESS


7. How much costs the battery system and the peak shaving service?

You will not have any initial investments. EDF EN covers investment cost and installation and procurement risks for you. We share the annual savings with you through an annual fee.


8. What is the net profit per year?

The net profit depends on the load profile and the network charges of the site. A distinction is made between generic, electro-intensive and atypical use cases (according to the StromNEV. §19? FAQ 3) .

Ready to evaluate your savings potential?
Please contact us:

Rebekka Schuster
Sales Manager
Tel .: +49 (0)172 1300 209


9. How do you analyze my load profile?

  • Our experts estimate the type of battery, size and dimensioning of the peak capping service  
  • We analyze the load curve
  • We visit your site for a detailed planning and dimensioning of the installation


10. What is the size of the storage system?

The BESS will be made of a cabinet containing all the necessary equipment with standard dimensions 2.4m x 2m x 2.5m (LxWxH).


11. Where will the BESS be installed?

The precise location of the BESS will be defined together with you. Our EPC will make suggestions, where the energy storage system should be set up. The container can be installed outdoor on the site with an exclusion area of 2m minimum around. The precise size of the exclusion area and the nature of the protection will be defined according to site’s constraints.


12. Who does the maintenance service?

Operation and maintenance and intervention will be carried out by a 24/7 control centre from our partner. It is possible to provide training and authorizations for your technicians on site to do the first steps in the event of a defect.


13. How do I get information about the BESS’ activity?

We keep you informed in real time as soon as the battery starts, when the power consumed by the site exceeds the maximal peak (Pmax). The parameters of these alarms will be defined with you. The alarm can be in form of an SMS or an email. 

In addition, you will receive an annual detailed report on the past year including:

  • the load curve, which is read off the site’s meter, to visualize the operating time of the battery
  • the load curve of the site as it would have been without the battery
  • performance indicators to assess the proper functioning of the system and the resulting gains for the site


14. What happens if the site’s electricity consumption changes?

The battery is sized to cut peaks with specific amplitude and the forecast algorithm will regularly “re-learn” from the latest consumption data. In the event of a major change in the consumption profile of the site, for example due to the arrival of new equipment or a significant modification of the production process , we can adapt the size of the battery. This is possible thanks to our flexible battery design. Significant changes of your consumption can lead to an adjustment of the savings and agreed rent paid (up or down according to the new characteristics of the battery). 


15. Does the charging time of the battery increase the consumption of the site?

No, algorithms have been programmend for the battery to recharge it only during low power consumption periods at your site. This algorithms are based on your energy consumption of previous years and is updated in real time.