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EDF Renewables successful in German offshore wind tender


On Septem­ber 9, 2021, the Bundes­net­za­gen­tur has announced the res­ults of the first off­shore wind tender for pre-invest­ig­ated sites under the so called cent­ral model”. 

EDF Renew­ables is very pleased to have received the award for the 433 MW site N‑3.8 in the Ger­man North Sea after hav­ing sub­mit­ted a zero bid on Septem­ber 1, 2021. Since a com­pet­it­or holds a step-in right for this site, the award will not be final until the begin­ning of Novem­ber 2021

EDF Renew­ables is a lead­ing com­pany in the renew­able energy sec­tor world­wide. The com­pany devel­ops, builds and oper­ates renew­able energy power plants in more than 20 coun­tries – with a strong focus on onshore wind, off­shore wind and sol­ar energy. 

EDF Renew­ables is a key play­er in off­shore wind

In Europe, EDF Renew­ables is cur­rently engaged in off­shore pro­jects in France, Bel­gi­um, Ger­many Ire­land and also the United King­dom. At the same time, the com­pany is work­ing on lever­aging its extens­ive expert­ise and exper­i­ence in oth­er grow­ing mar­kets like China and the United States – and com­mit­ted to drive industry innov­a­tions like float­ing off­shore wind energy. 

Based on our exist­ing pres­ence in the Ger­man onshore wind mar­ket, we now aim to expand our loc­al pro­ject port­fo­lio by enter­ing the off­shore wind energy and photo­vol­ta­ics mar­kets. Fol­low­ing our recent achieve­ments in the French off­shore mar­ket, hav­ing received the award for N‑3.8 on a zero bid in Ger­many under­scores our know-how and com­pet­it­ive­ness in this very chal­len­ging mar­ket,” says Jean-Marc Bazen­et, CEO EDF Renew­ables in Germany.

The press release of the Bundes­net­za­gen­tur regard­ing the res­ults of the 2021 off­shore wind tender is avail­able at: Bekan­nt­gabe der Zuschläge (bundes​net​a​gen​tur​.de)

Bettina Duske
Head of Communications
EDF Renewables Deutschland

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