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Energy Central - EDF Renewables launches an innovative storage solution for businesses in Germany


EDF Renew­ables has just launched a bat­tery stor­age sys­tems in two Mal­teurop malt factor­ies in Ger­many: one in Rostock and the oth­er in Heide­nau. These new sys­tems con­sist of lith­i­um-ion bat­ter­ies, con­nec­ted to a smart, autonom­ous power man­age­ment system.

The solu­tion designed by EDF Renew­ables can provide each fact­ory with 200 kW of autonom­ous power for at least one hour when the power grid is under heavy load. By smooth­ing demand at its sites of high elec­tri­city use, Mal­teurop reduces its grid access costs, which in Ger­many are based on the max­im­um power required, whilst also con­trib­ut­ing to great­er sta­bil­ity in the nation­al power grid.

The solu­tions offered by EDF Renew­ables to Ger­man C&I cli­ents include; firstly ana­lys­is, con­sultancy, pro­ject scal­ing, install­a­tion and grid con­nec­tion; secondly oper­a­tions and main­ten­ance of equip­ment; and finally optim­isa­tion through bat­tery management.

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Rebekka Schuster - Head of Sales
Rebekka Schuster
Head of Sales

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