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EDF Renewables in Germany

Our activity in Germany

EDF Renewables in Germany is a subisdiary of the international EDF Renewables Group. As one of the leading companies in the sector, EDF Renewables operates in more than 20 countries covering the entire value chain from construction and development to operation and maintenance of projects. In Germany, we focus on the development, planning, repowering, construction and operation of wind farms and energy storage solutions.   

Expertise in renewable energy

EDF Renewables has vast experience in developing and building wind and solar projects in Europe, North and South America, Asia and the Middle East. In Germany this expertise includes project design and development of wind farms, tender optimization and repowering. A pioneer in the field of electricity storage, the Group is also involved in main technology applications, including batteries and smart energy management.

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EDF Renewables References worldwide

In Germany, EDF Renewables and our affiliate Theolia Naturenergien GmbH have realized or operate in total 500 MW of wind projects. Additional several hundred MW are currently in planning and construction phases. The EDF group operates more than 5 GW of electricity storage in the world and has built and operates battery storage solutions in UK, USA and French Guyana. In Germany, we offer industrial customers behind-the-meter battery storage powered by artificial intelligence to lowering grid connection cost at the site up to 80%.

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Commitment to renewable energy

Wind, sun and the sea: we are seeking ways to use nature’s resources as best possible to generate electricity. Our energy storage solutions help to ensure the smooth running of a balanced electricity system and to build the future energy system. We make energy work, and we make it work for you. This commitment to change and to work as closely as possible with customers and regions at the heart of the energy transition and climate issues underpins our strategic goal: a responsible electricity company that champions low-carbon growth.



Our partners

REETEC EDF Renewables and OWS

REETEC was founded 1996 in Bremen and is one of Europe’s leading independent service providers for onshore and offshore wind energy. Together with REETEC – which is since 2007 part of the EDF Renewables – the group plans to drive forward the turnaround towards renewable energy concepts. REETEC‘s service portfolio ranges from electrical engineering, grid connection, electrical and mechanical assembly, operation and maintenance (O&M) service, to qualification and training.

REETEC acquired OWS Off-Shore Wind Solutions in 2017. The joint Emden Offshore Service Centre (EOSC) offers a service hub for wind turbine generators of the North Sea plus a cost effective full maintenance concept.

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Theolia Naturenergien

THEOLIA Naturenergien GmbH has been part of the FUTUREN Group since 2006, a historical onshore wind company in Europe and part of the EDF Renewables group. Theolia’s core business is the technical and commercial management of wind turbines, the accounting processing of wind farm companies as well as the support with M&A, real estate issues, project planning, direct marketing, insurance, communication and repairs.



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