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Battery storage


Speira GmbH

Bat­tery Tech­no­logy: Li-Ion 1.6 MW/1.6MWh

COD: 2021 

In Novem­ber 2021, EDF Renew­ables in Ger­many com­mis­sioned a new bat­tery stor­age sys­tem at the alu­min­um rolling and recyc­ling com­pany Speira GmbH in Ham­burg. There, 272 bat­tery mod­ules provide 1.6 MW of power for one hour. With the help of intel­li­gent load man­age­ment, the grid oper­at­or can be sup­por­ted in sta­bil­iz­ing the power grid. At the same time, the use of bat­tery stor­age reduces the com­pany’s elec­tri­city costs. 

Jan Peter­lic, plant man­ager at Speira Ham­burg: As an indus­tri­al com­pany with a high energy demand, we need to ensure a stable power sup­ply for our oper­a­tions at Speira Ham­burg. The bat­tery stor­age solu­tion from EDF Renew­ables is an essen­tial part of this. It also gives us the oppor­tun­ity to take anoth­er step towards the energy trans­ition. We are very pleased that the bat­tery stor­age sys­tem will also ease the strain on the power grid as a whole dur­ing peak load peri­ods. Ulti­mately, this helps every­one who needs electricity.”


Heide­nau (Sach­sen) — Gen­er­al use-case
Bat­tery Tech­no­logy: Li-ion 200kW/​240 kWh

COD: 2019 

In Decem­ber 2019, EDF Renew­ables in Ger­many and malt pro­du­cer Mal­teurop com­mis­sioned two new bat­tery stor­age sys­tems in Rostock and Heide­nau. Each bat­tery is designed to sup­ply the respect­ive pro­duc­tion plant with 200 kW for at least one hour. Thanks to EDF Energy Man­age­ment Sys­tem, the bat­tery can adapt the plant’s con­sump­tion to the grid’s con­di­tions, sav­ing the com­pany grid fees and mak­ing an import­ant con­tri­bu­tion to the suc­cess of the energy trans­ition in Germany.

EDF Renewables - Project Malteurop - Heidenau (DE)


French-Guyana (South Amer­ica)
Bat­tery Tech­no­logy: Na/​NiCl2; 1,5MW/4,5MWh
COD: 2014

Due to the highly vari­able cli­mate con­di­tions in the French Guyana, PV pro­duc­tion is extremely errat­ic. The Tou­can pro­ject has made it pos­sible to smooth out short but extreme load peaks between sun­shine and rain through­out the day. The bat­tery stor­age solu­tion is also used to enable energy pro­duc­tion dur­ing the day to meet peak demand in the evening.

EDF Renewables - Toucan stockage - French-Guyana - skyview

Mc Henry

Illinois (USA)
Bat­tery Tech­no­logy: Li-Ion 20MW/8,5MWh
COD: 2015

McHenry was built to improve fre­quency response on the trans­mis­sion grid. The McHenry plant provides dynam­ic energy reserve for the grid oper­at­or PJM, a region­al trans­mis­sion organ­iz­a­tion that coordin­ates the trans­mis­sion of elec­tri­city in 13 U.S. states and the Dis­ctrict of Columbia.

EDF Renewables - Mc Henry project - Illinois (USA)

West Bur­ton

Not­ting­hamshire (Great Bri­tain)
Bat­tery Tech­no­logy: Li-Ion; 49 MW/35 MWh
COD: 2018

The pro­ject is among the win­ners of the first UK Nation­al Grid Call” for the pro­vi­sion of Enhanced Fre­quency Response (EFR). EDF Renew­ables achieved the best eco­nom­ic and tech­nic­al solu­tion for the bat­tery stor­age in this call. Since 2018, West Bur­ton” is Europe’s largest bat­tery in operation.

EDF Renewables - Battery storage projects


Oxford (Great Bri­tain)
Bat­tery Tech­no­logy: Li-Ion; 49MW/52,5MWh
COD: 2021


Kent (Great Bri­tain)
Bat­tery Tech­no­logy: Li-Ion; 49MW/52,5MWh
COD: 2021


Ontario (Canada)
Bat­tery Tech­no­logy: Li-Ion; 3MW/​12MWh
COD: 2019

Desert Har­vest 2

Cali­for­nia (USA)
Bat­tery Tech­no­logy: Li-Ion; 35MW/​140MWh
COD: 2021

More Pro­jects:

  • Pro­ject « Ven­teea », Vendeuvre sur Barse (France) — 2MW/1,3MWh
  • Pro­ject « île de Sein », Ile de Sein (France) — 200kW/​200kWh
  • Pro­ject « Pegase », Sainte Rose (Reunion Island) — 1MW/​7MWh
  • Pro­ject « Innov­a­tion Drive », San Diego (USA) — 280kW/​538kWh
  • Pro­ject « San Diego Zoo », San Diego (USA) — 1MW/​4MWh
  • Pro­ject « Med­line », Cali­for­nia (USA) — 1,1MW
  • Pro­ject « Umass », Mas­sachu­setts (USA) — 500kW/​2MWh

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