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Battery storage


1. What can our energy stor­age sys­tem do for your site?

Cap­ping peak loads with the energy stor­age sys­tem reduces high annu­al elec­tri­city costs, due to some short-term high loads. Pro­duc­tion at your site can be increased and optim­ized without over­load­ing the grid thanks to the battery. 

2. How does the cap­ping of peak loads work?

Gen­er­ally, the aver­age value of the ref­er­ence power in a 15-minute peri­od is meas­ured to cal­cu­late the cost of elec­tri­city. The highest value res­ult­ing from the so-called load peak is the basis for the com­pany’s grid con­nec­tion fee. By cap­ping the load peaks, the aver­age val­ues are lowered. For our energy man­age­ment sys­tem (EMS), we have developed algorithms that shift high ref­er­ence loads to a bat­tery. This can save up to 80% of grid con­nec­tion fees.

3. What are the spe­cial reg­u­la­tions in Strom­NEV. §19?

Grid con­nec­tion fees account for about 25% of the total elec­tri­city bill for indus­tri­al sites. Due to the planned invest­ments in the Ger­man elec­tri­city grids, grid fees could double in 2025, com­pared to 2017. The spe­cial pro­vi­sion of Strom­NEV. §19 allows com­pan­ies to reduce grid con­nec­tion fees under cer­tain con­di­tions. A dis­tinc­tion is made between the applic­a­tion cases stand­ard, elec­tric-intens­ive and atyp­ic­al. Accord­ing to this reg­u­la­tion, our bat­tery stor­age sys­tem can offer you the fol­low­ing three sav­ings options:

  1. Cap­ping of the highest 15-minute load peaks
  2. Reduc­tion of the energy demand dur­ing the high load time win­dows, which are pub­lished annu­ally by the dis­tri­bu­tion net­work operators
  3. Increas­ing the time of use to over 7000h/​year for sites con­sum­ing more than 10 GWh/​year

It depends on your load pro­file which of these usage options is the optim­al for your site. Ready to eval­u­ate your sav­ings poten­tial? Con­tact us

4. Which indus­tries can use our peak load cap­ping service?

Any industry from the indus­tri­al sec­tor is suit­able for our bat­tery sys­tem. The site should con­sume more than 5GWh per year.

5. What are the advant­ages of EDF Renew­ables BESS?

Our optim­ally sized bat­tery, adap­ted to pro­duc­tion, res­ults in sig­ni­fic­ant sav­ings on their site’s grid charges.

EDF Renew­ables’ solu­tion has unpre­ced­en­ted advantages:

  • No ini­tial invest­ment by the cus­tom­er. EDF Renew­ables cov­ers the cost of the bat­tery (on aver­age €100,000/100kw).
  • Attract­ive remu­ner­a­tion sys­tem with annu­al profit from savings
  • Algorithms spe­cially developed by EDF Renew­ables and adap­ted to the needs of each cus­tom­er with real-time update.
  • Adapt­able stor­age sys­tem in case of changes in pro­duc­tion methods
  • Com­pet­ent teams with many years of experience.
  • Par­ti­cip­a­tion in the FCR mar­ket and thus in the integ­ra­tion of renew­able ener­gies into the Ger­man elec­tri­city grid.

6. What does the EDF Renew­ables peak load cap­ping ser­vice include?

EDF Renew­ables takes care of:

  • Dimen­sion­ing and install­a­tion of the bat­tery sys­tem on site
  • Hand­ling of all neces­sary permits
  • Con­trol of the EMS with trans­par­ent inform­a­tion on bat­tery oper­a­tion at all times
  • O&M and pos­sible mod­ule replacement
  • Dis­mant­ling and trans­port of the battery

    7. How much does the bat­tery sys­tem and peak load cap­ping ser­vice cost?

    You do not need to make an invest­ment upfront. EDF Renew­ables will cov­er the invest­ment costs for you, as well as install­a­tion and pro­cure­ment. We share the annu­al sav­ings with you through an annu­al fee.

    8. What is the annu­al profit?

    The net profit depends on the load pro­file and grid charges of the site. EDF Renew­ables offers three bat­tery sys­tem options: Stand­ard, Power Intens­ive, and Atyp­ic­al. It depends on your load pro­file which of these options is the most prof­it­able for your site.

    For more inform­a­tion, Con­tact us!

    9. How will my load pro­file be analyzed?

    1. Through a dis­cus­sion with our experts, an assess­ment of the type and size of the bat­tery is con­duc­ted, as well as the siz­ing of the peak load service
    2. An ini­tial ana­lys­is of the load curve is made
    3. Our team will vis­it your site for a detailed plan­ning and dimen­sion­ing of the installation 

    10. How big is the stor­age system?

    The BESS is loc­ated in a stand­ard con­tain­er with dimen­sions of 2.4m x 2m x 2.5m (LxWxH).

    11. Where will the bat­tery stor­age sys­tem be installed?

    The exact loc­a­tion of the BESS will be determ­ined with you before install­a­tion. Our EPC will make sug­ges­tions as to where the bat­tery could be set up best. The BESS can be installed out­doors, with an exclu­sion area of at least 2m around the con­tain­er. The exact size of the exclu­sion area and the type of bar­ri­er will be determ­ined accord­ing to loc­al conditions.

    12. Who takes care of main­ten­ance and servicing?

    On-site main­ten­ance and ser­vi­cing is car­ried out by the con­trol cen­ter from our part­ner REETEC. It is pos­sible to train your com­pany’s tech­ni­cians so that they can take the first steps to repair in the event of a malfunction.

    13. How can I track the activ­ity of the battery?

    We will inform you in real time about the start of the bat­tery when the power reques­ted by the site exceeds Pmax. When the bat­tery starts, you will receive a mes­sage via SMS or email. The para­met­ers of these mes­sages will be defined with you depend­ing on the site.

    In addi­tion, you will receive an detailed annu­al report on:

    • The load curve, reads on the site meter to visu­al­ize the bat­tery’s oper­at­ing time
    • The load curve of the site as it would have looked without the battery
    • Per­form­ance indic­at­ors to eval­u­ate the sys­tem and the res­ult­ing benefits

    14. What hap­pens if the site’s power con­sump­tion changes?

    The bat­tery is sized to cap load peaks above a cer­tain size, and the algorithms we have developed learn” reg­u­larly from cur­rent con­sump­tion data. In the event of a major change in the con­sump­tion pro­file from the site, e.g. due to the use of new machinery or a sig­ni­fic­ant change in the pro­duc­tion pro­cess, the siz­ing can be adjus­ted thanks to our flex­ible bat­tery design. This can lead to an adjust­ment of the agreed rent (increase or decrease depend­ing on the new char­ac­ter­ist­ics of the battery).

    15. Does the bat­tery char­ging time increase the power con­sump­tion of the site?

    No, algorithms have been developed for the bat­tery to recharge only when your site’s power con­sump­tion is low. This algorithm is based on the energy con­sump­tion of pre­vi­ous years and is updated in real time.

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